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Arcticle taken from 'Le Dimanche'

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Arcticle taken from 'Scope Magazine'

This native [Jade Hudson] of Beau Bassin [Mauritius] attended Maurice Curé college and even went to the same film school as Anne Hathaway, Kim Catrall, Adam Scott, Danny DeVito, Paul Rudd, Dennis Haysbert, Adrien Brody, Robert Redford, Kirk Douglas, Grace Kelly, and Spencer Tracy.


Jade Hudson. 


This is probably not telling you much, but it is a name to remember, because it is likely that this actress from Mauritius, who has been cast in the film ‘Born of War’, will catch some attention. Meet the actress who has neighbours such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Ricky Martin, Sir Michael Caine and Sting. Jennifer Lopez even used to live in her apartment.


She was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, far from it! The actress, whose career started with a bang, has known the Galley. Growing up with no father, she remembers how her mother had to struggle to raise two children. “A widow at age 21, my mother was left with two children to support. She had never worked in her life. After the death of my father, she had to combine several odd jobs to support us," says Jade.


Jade attended high school at Maurice Curé. She dedicated herself to her studies and gained high marks for her school certificate examinations. She was 16 years old. "I had no choice but to throw myself body and soul in the studies. Early on, I realized that it was the only way to get out. This is why I only had A and B."


In search of Eldorado, she headed on to Britain for studies. "It was the first time I had ever flown. I got a placement at a nursing school, but I had a big problem with where to live in Britain; I did not know where to go. Even my own uncle did not want me here. Eventually, I found refuge with an aunt," she adds.


Jade landed a job of cleaning toilets in a hospital. "There are no stupid jobs and I'm not ashamed of the jobs I did. I went on to get a job in a supermarket, and I also worked in a Bingo club. I even worked as newspaper delivery girl early in the mornings just to earn £1! These jobs allowed me to save up my money and gave me a decent enough way of life," says our actress.


This Cinderella found happiness when she met the British Christian Hudson. "We met at a party and since then we have never parted. This property tycoon became my husband." Meeting Christian was the turning point for Jade. She resumed her studies, completed her Higher School Certificate before obtaining a degree in Business Studies at the University of Westminster.


But she soon realised that the figures bored her to death! To clear her head, she decided to listen to her heart. "I've always wanted to make films. I was able to achieve my dreams thanks to the encouragement of my husband. But to really make it happen, I auditioned to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and was thrilled when I was offered a place. "


The Academy's graduates have received in total nominations for 96 Oscars, 241 Emmys, and 85 Tonys. Among its notable past students are:


“I came out with a healthy ground for professional and personal growth. It shaped my personality whilst allowing me to perform better. "


Her talent has not rested since. Jade has since appeared in a series of roles in independent films before 'Born Of War’, which helped to boost her career. "I met the director Vicky Jewson in a restaurant in 2010. This prodigy film-maker wanted me to play Saba, an Afghan in her next feature film. I accepted her offer. At the time I was far from suspecting that I was going to appear opposite Sofia Black D’Elia, who played in the hit US drama ‘Skins’ and ‘All My Children’, and James Frain, who played alongside Drew Barrymore, Robert De Niro and Robert Pattinson in ‘Water for Elephants’ and recently in ‘The White Queen."


Born Of War is in promotion now with a 2014 release.


But despite this world of glitz and glammer, Jade has never forgotten her roots in Mauritius. “Sometimes I prepare enn good rougaille soy and faratas. But my favourite remains the menu vindaye Octopus(pickled). In addition, with my husband, we often dance to the rhythm of Sega. It is very difficult for me to forget my identity, even though I live miles away from my home island."







Jade Hudson found herself in the middle of the promotion of the feature film ‘Born of War’, in which she plays a supporting role. Jade is gradually making her name in the film world after appearing in a handful of independent films including the lead in the film ‘The Snare’, and supporting role in ‘Black Ink’.

In the last decade the actress has been living comfortably, but she has known great poverty in her life. This British actress who is of Mauritian origin, lived in difficult conditions with her mum & younger brother.


''Mama was only 21 years old when Papa passed away and she was pregnant with my younger brother, she took up jobs to feed, clothe & send us to school"

She studied so hard that she earned herself a scholarship in one of the top-ranked colleges with high GCSE grades.


She arrived in UK with grades mainly made up of As. She thought to pursue her education but if only she knew what lay ahead. Problems with her relatives in the UK prohibited her from following her dreams of pursuing further education.

She ended up finding herself by enrolling onto a nursing course. She was accepted immediately but as she was too young, they will only take us on the following year.


Panic struck,my visa would run out,she has not got anywhere to stay. The uncle who had previously encouraged her family that she would be taken care of in UK, had changed his mind and had suggested "once you are sorted and ok, please do not hesitate to come &visit,but until then bye-bye".


The teenager was changing different homes of relatives&friends(she's never met before) of relatives, never given an opportunity to settle. In one of her moves, the relative she was staying for 10 days , woke her up in the middle of the night&told her she had to run away with that female relative&her three young children as the latter's husband was on the bottle again& was going to beat them all.


To cut a long, painful&full of obstacles road short,as this could take up a whole book or a film of its own making, the teenager finally started the Nursing Course, at a crucial point! To earn some money, she held a few little jobs on the side:Supermarket check-out girl,in a Bingo club& even cleaning toilets in a hospital.


At 21, she met Christian Hudson, on the River Thames, whilst on a boat party. As he entered he noticed her, Jade was swirling, slipping up & down, upside down a pole, probably the mast! Thats how she was having fun with friends&the conservative,Sloane based English was quite taken & was in love!

After several pursuits of the actress they finally tied the knot one year later. It is a fairy tale& the rest is history,indeed.

Her career in cinema begins.